Secrets of the Faeries Company

Welcome to Secrets of the Faeries where your magical wishes come true! A place where you will be able to find the special magical faery in you…

Shhh…Listen can you hear them at play? Can you hear what they want to say? If you listen with your heart you can hear look closely and they will appear.

Their secrets they desire to share…so enter the realm of faery with love and care…

Secrets of the Faeries offers lots of help along the way to help you act, dance, laugh, and play alongside the fae!

Through the magical interplay of dance, music, movement, yoga, art, storytelling, dramatic play and guided meditations, Secrets of the Faeries Co. creates with children the Secret World of Faery- a place where anything and everything is possible if you just believe!

Photo Sep 08, 4 13 16 PM
“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair” -Kahlil Gibran- *And that there are faeries everywhere!**