Secrets of the Faeries Company

Secret’s of the Faeries Company offers enchanted, one-of-a-kind, nature-based camps, Faery birthday, holiday or special event parties for children ages 3 and up all over Los Angeles and Southern California. Through the magical interplay of dance, music, movement, yoga, art, storytelling, dramatic play and guided meditations, we create with children the secret world of Faery- a place where anything and everything is possible if you just believe!

What makes Secrets of the Faeries Company unique are the various ways in which the camp and party offerings support the physical, mental, social, emotional, and cognitive development of school aged children. Each party and camp are designed and created in order to allow the fullest expression of children’s imaginations.

Secret’s of the Faeries camps and parties overall support social awareness by providing multiple opportunities for the development of personal relationships through which children may learn how to live and work successfully with others, how to identify with a social group, how to work collaboratively, problem solve as well as how to communicate their fullest expressions without any inhibitions or limitations placed upon them. Moreover, through the transformative experiences they partake in, they learn patterns of acceptable behavior with other children through modeling and conflict resolution as well as how to respect and care for others. Children learn the value of active listening as they share their thoughts and ideas as well as are validated when others listen to them. As each children is heard and validated in the safe space that Queen Meghan and her Faeries provide, they learn how trust themselves and each other as well as developing meaningful relationships outside of their families. Queen Meghan and her Faeries guide the development of children in ways that affirm their own personal sense of worth, strengthen faith in their own abilities, as well as support the growth of initiative and self discovery.

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“Every blade of grass has an angel bending over it saying, ‘Grow! Grow!’” -The Talmud